Bug in size section in organization details

Description of the bug: When we type invalid number in size section, then click on cancel it clears out the value in size section.

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Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

Follow the steps to reproduce:

  1. Type 1212 in size section then save it. It will save as its a valid number.
  2. Now click on edit and type 1212-22121 in the size section.
  3. Now click on cancel.
  4. This will clear out the size section. Which should not happen?
    Screen Recording 2021-11-25 at 11.38.04 PM

Browser Version: Chrome 99 mac

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

Thanks for testing out the Arcana platform! Unfortunately this bug is a duplicate of your earlier reported issue - The cancel button is not working in the organization section and therefore cannot be rewarded. There is an issue with the cancel button and since values with a hyphen are not allowed the field gets cleared. Solving the first issue will resolve this one.

Please do try integrating our SDKs into your own app and let us know if you face any issues there!