Functional Bug - "Revoke" function does not work properly

“Revoke” function does not work properly

Category/Feature it belongs to:
Functional Bug

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the site and log in to your account
  2. Repeat the same with the second account
  3. Download any file on account #1
  4. Share this file with #2 account by entering his email address
  5. Go to #2 account and make sure everything works
  6. On the first account, click “Revoke” and disable file access for account #2
  7. Refresh the page to account #2 and make sure the bug works and the file is still accessible

Browser Version:
Chromium Version 84.0.4120.0 (Build for developers), (64 bit)
The bug is also reproduced on regular Chrome

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):
telegram: @gandonezy
twiter: @smilexnsu

Thanks lirrato for testing this out and providing such detailed feedback! This is a result of how the application (in this case the demo app) chose to implement the revoke feature using the Arcana SDK. FYI, unfortunately this does not count as a bug as issues in the demo app are not in scope for the bounty. Please read the scope of the bounty here -