I can login success but I can't get my files

Description of the bug: I can login success but I can’t get my files

Category/Feature it belongs to: Auth

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

My repository: GitHub - nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp
My Live Demo: https://neross.netlify.app

Browser Version: Version 102.0.5005.61

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs): Screen Recording 2022-06-13 at 17.33.18.mov - Google Drive

Maybe you don’t need to use my app for about 1 hour to reproduce this issue. You just reload that page.

@nrs.andrew I don’t see the problem on your deployed app. Am able to get list of files after refresh as well. Does this reproduce consistently?

Yes. I see API response to me what error code 401. I think my token expired. So how can I check my token expired?

This issue often happens when you logged in and then reload the app.
Please check my video: