I can't share file although I uploaded file success

Description of the bug: I can’t share file although I uploaded file success

Category/Feature it belongs to: Storage

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

My repository: GitHub - nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp
My Live Demo: https://neross.netlify.app

Browser Version: Chrome Version 102.0.5005.61

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

@nrs.andrew Looks like maybe a wrong value is being passed in when you implemented the share functionality? Can you please confirm whether this reproduces consistently? This feature is working on our deployed demo application at [demo.arcana.network] (https://demo.arcana.network/login) Also I am able to upload files on your deployed netlify app.

In the mean time will check with our team and get back to you.

Because your demo app’s source code doesn’t have to install any of your package SDK. So I’m not sure I can understand your SDK. I just try to use it by interface/type of its defined.

You can check my singleton for your SDK: