I can't share file

Description of the bug: I can’t share file

Category/Feature it belongs to: Storage

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

I share any file & this issue happened

My repository: GitHub - nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp
My Live Demo: https://neross.netlify.app

Browser Version: Google Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (arm64)

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

Hey @nrs.andrew,
Thank you for reporting the issue. We are working on a fix, will reach out if we need further information. In the meantime, you can also join our discord.

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@nrs.andrew We tested the sharing function after integrating our demo app and were not able to face this issue. All shares were going through successfully.

Can you please try sharing with any other email and see if the issue is still hit?

Please give me your email. I will produce the video for this issue

Please check my video:

The reason the share is failing is because the upload of the file itself is failing for some reason (tx hash not found in cache). Since the file was not uploaded correctly the subsequent share fails. Closing this issue as a duplicate of My file upload successfully but onSuccess method wasn't executed for now. In case share still doesn’t work after fixing the mentioned bug please open a new bug at that time. Will track resolution of the underlying issue on the other post - My file upload successfully but onSuccess method wasn't executed