I try to login another account but my session still is the previous account

Description of the bug: I try to login another account but my session still is the previous account

Category/Feature it belongs to: Auth

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

My repository: https://github.com/nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp
My Live Demo: https://neross.netlify.app

Browser Version: Google Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (arm64)

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

Hey @nrs.andrew,
Thank you for reporting this bug. We have taken note of this and are working on pushing a fix. The Status will be updated on this post once fixed.

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Please update status for me ASAP

Can you please print the private keys after logging in and logging out (obfuscate the results)? It seems like the keys are not getting restored on subsequent login with a different user. You seem to be reusing the keys across sessions.

I think this issue fixed. But I haven’t receive any reply yet.

This issue still happen. It’s cache list file of previous account Please check in:

The uploaded video doesn’t show the problem of an earlier user’s session persisting even after a new user logs in. There seems to be something going wrong with the upload which seems to be similar to I can't share file - #5 by nrs.andrew

Would like to close this bug as this particular issue doesn’t seem to be present and continue the discussions in the other threads.

I called log out in your SDK. Why does an earlier user’s session persist? You can check my code in the attached reponsitory.

@nrs.andrew The storage SDK uses privateKey for intialization, with the help of the this privateKey SDK logs in to our system and all the API calls contains JWT token pf the user. So when a user logs out and logs in again you should reinitiate the storage SDK with new users private key.

What is currently happening user1 logs in with private_key_1 and storage SDK session contains JWT of user1, after logout and login storage SDK was not re initialized, it still contains private_key_1 of user1, so even if user 2 is uploading file, it will go user1’s account

Yes, I understood. I try to find other solution