Inconsistency in dashboard

I had reported a bug in Sharing a file to a account which has not logged in the app shows success - #3 by Abhinav
But it was in demo app. But due to this bug there is inconsistency in the dashboard.

Description of the bug:

My expectation is:
total sum of all actions in dashboard = sum of all actions by all users.
total sum of all actions in dashboard = 15 + 4 + 2 + 17 = 38
sum of all actions by all users = 11 + 2 + 26 = 39
which is not equal.
Not that this is a bug in the SDK, because if a file fails to upload properly it increases the action of that user in user page but the total actions is not increased on main dashboard.
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Thanks for testing out the Arcana platform! Unfortunately the underlying issue is the same as that of an earlier reported issue - Bug 3: "Total users "shows wrong number - #2 by arcana and therefore cannot be rewarded.