Multiple wallet address with same email account

I am able to create multiple wallet address with same email account.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create two account using one “google authentication” and second using "Discord authentication "(were discord is registered with same gmail account)
  2. Go to USER LOG and you can see both the accounts have different wallet address with same gmail account address.
  3. Now go to Arcana Demo app and sign in with same gmail/google account
  4. Click down arrow next to you profile pic
  5. Copy the wallet address (associated with the gmail account)
  6. Paste it in the wallet search in Developer dashboard app (its now added to you total users list)
    7)Now check the user log you will see different wallet address with same gmail address

Please refer to the attached screen shot

Thanks for this great find samj5997! Unfortunately, the underlying cause of this has already been reported and rewarded here - Problem in search “Enter Wallet Address”

There are two concepts here. First, when one signs up using different authentication methods which are registered using the same email ID then these accounts are still treated as two separate users even though they have the same email ID. We use a combination of email ID and which OAuth protocol it is as the unique identifier. This is the expected behaviour. After that because of the reported issue in search the same email can end up having the same wallet address.

That being said thanks for taking the time out to explore and find this unique case!