My file upload successfully but onSuccess method wasn't executed

Description of the bug: My file upload successfully but onSuccess method wasn’t executed. Upload processing never finish

Category/Feature it belongs to: Storage

Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

I upload any file & this issue happened

My repository:
My Live Demo:

Browser Version: Google Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (arm64)

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

Hey @nrs.andrew,
Thank you for reporting this bug. We have taken note of this and are working on pushing a fix. The Status will be updated on this post once fixed.

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@nrs.andrew The onSuccess fallback method gets executed as the last step in the upload process. If there is an error in that then the upload would fail. Can you please show us the code you are trying to execute in the fallback function?

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This is my code:
Upload.tsx: neross-arcana-dapp/Upload.tsx at master · nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp · GitHub
file.saga.ts: neross-arcana-dapp/file.saga.ts at master · nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp · GitHub
arcanaNetwork.ts: neross-arcana-dapp/arcanaNetwork.ts at master · nrs-minhdoan/neross-arcana-dapp · GitHub

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Please give me your email. I will produce this case video

Please check in here: Discord or Screen Recording 2022-02-23 at - Google Drive

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We looked at your code and noticed one problem. Keys have to have 0x prepended to them. Can you please make this change and see if that resolves the issue.

We will be pushing out a fix in the upcoming release to ensure that keys come prepended with 0x so that it won’t be necessary for the developer to do this in the future.


Yes, I will try it, I’m waiting for a new update version from you