Same email address with different authentication modes creating duplicate accounts in Arcana

I have noticed if i login using “Google authentication” or “Discord authentication” (both registered with same email address) arcana is creating different accounts.

Does this come under duplicate accounts ? (as both have same email address)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Arcana developer Dashboard
  2. Choose gmail as authentication mode (do the signup) and create the account
  3. logout
  4. Go to Developer dashboard again
  5. Choose discord as authentication (use discord account that has same gmail registered account)
  6. Create the account
  7. Now you can see in the Profile details both accounts have same email address.

Because, i used my same Gmail account to register for Discord .

Thanks samj5997 for testing out our platform! At the moment we do not aggregate logins. Therefore, even if you sign up using different logins which are registered with the same underlying email it will be treated as separate accounts. This is the intended behaviour and therefore is not a bug.

Please do try integrating our SDKs into your own app and let us know if you face any issues there!