Sharing a file to a account which has not logged in the app shows success

Description of the bug: When I share the app to an email which has never signed in to the app shows success but when I logged in with this email then the file is not showing in the shared files section.

While sharing it should not have shown success.

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Detailed Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Share a file to an email which has not yet logged in the app till not. It will show success.
  2. Now logg in with this email and go to shared files with me section . It will be empty.

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Thank you Abhinav for the feedback! Unfortunately this is a bug in the demo app and not with the underlying SDK itself. Essentially when the new user logs in and immediately goes to the “shared with me” section the API to fetch the list of files is not getting triggered from the demo app. We will implement the necessary change here to fix this problem.

FYI, bugs in the demo app are out of scope and is not eligible for a bounty. Please read the scope of the bounty here -

@arcana Yup, you are right that this is in the demo app. But this exposes a bug in the SDK, too.
Because of this there is inconsistency on the dashboard.
If I am not wrong, the the
total sum of Actions on the dashboard = total sum of all actions by all users.
I will report this in a new bug, if that’s okay.