The bandwidth limit causes bug in bandwidth graph

Description of the bug:

  1. Set the bandwidth limit to 100MB and storage limit to 1GB.
  2. Upload a file of size 150MB to the network. It will work fine.
  3. Now try to download the 150MB file, it keeps on trying to download but it will not download because of bandwidth limit. That’s fine, but the bandwidth graph and bar increases. which is a bug.
    This will severely cause errors in the graph etc.

Also if the file to download is more than bandwidth limit , then it should just give error.

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@arcana Any update on this bug?

Excellent find! This is indeed a bug and we are working on it. Will update this thread once this issue has been fixed. This bug has been classified as a Low severity bug and you will be rewarded. Please check DMs regarding prize money, rewards will be processed soon! :partying_face: