The number of files suddenly is showing negative integer

Description of the bug: The total number of files showing is negative.

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Note that this is not only a UI bug but also a bug in the upload mechanism, this is much more severe. It seems that the upload it not transactional. If the upload fails in middle then sometimes the total number of files is not increased but the partial file is still uploaded on the network. Then if I delete this file from the network it will decrease the total number of files. Thus this is the reason behind the negative file number.
I expect this would not be categorised under UI as the under lying bug is quite severe. @arcana please take a look and le me know.

Laso note that the number of files should not be less than zero there should be some check for this.

How to reproduce this
This also gives out some more bugs which I have also reported.

  1. Even if there is a storage limit the files are getting uploaded. It is showing an increment in the dashboard and the graph too. This is clearly a bug.
  2. If I reload it in the middle then some chunk is getting uploaded. Not all. And if not completely successful then the dashboard should not increment.
  3. The way I have demonstrated that the No of files can go to negative.
  4. Multiple delete request can be sent to a single file and they are being processed also which decreases the total number of files by submitting a delete request on the same file multiple times.

I hope you will see that this is a bug in the SDK and the severity of these bugs.

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@arcana Did you get time to go through this issue

Hi Abhinav thanks for the additional information! We were able to reproduce the issues in house and are finalising the review. Will update with severity and rewards shortly.

Excellent find again Abhinav! This is indeed a bug and we are working on it. Will update this thread once this issue has been fixed. This bug has been classified as a medium severity bug and you will be rewarded. Please check DMs regarding prize money, rewards will be processed soon! :partying_face: