The size section under organization section is able to take non-float values as an input

Description of the bug: The size section under organization details is able to take non-float values.

If we type ‘!@#$%^&’ it will not take as input which is correct, but it is able to take ‘-’ as an input which is wrong. Perhaps it could be added in the logic not not take ‘-’

as an input.

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Thanks for the find! There is indeed a bug when accepting non-float values and we are working on it. If an invalid value is entered the existing values are cleared and the old values are not retained. That should not be the case. Will update this thread once this issue has been fixed. This bug has been classified as a UI bug and you will be rewarded. Please check DMs regarding prize money, rewards will be processed at the end of the week! :partying_face:

This issue has been fixed and deployed to production.