The storage used from graph does not match with the bar

Description of the bug: The storage shown in the bar is 3.94GB but in the graph its showing just 1200 MB.

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Can you please describe the exact steps you followed to hit this issue? Unable to reproduce this issue internally currently.

After much hit and trial I was able to reproduce the result.
Steps how i got this issue:

  1. Set the size limit to 50 MB.
  2. Tried to upload 1.5GB file to the network. Wait till the storage bar increases. It took around 2-3 mins for me. While the app will show its still uploading then reload the page inorder to corrupt the file.
  3. Now thr dashboard storage bar and graph will match. Now try to upload the same file again. Wait
    for 2-3 mins then you will find the storage bar has increased but the graph has not increased.
  4. This seems to break the graph completely. Now increase the size limit to 1 GB, and try to upload a 150MB file, you will find the bar will increase but the graph will stay the same.

It seems that the bar and the graph are taking the total size input from completely different sources which ideally should not happen. The graph seems to break after step 3 because it’s not getting increased in step 4 but the bar increases.
The 4th point I forgot to take on video, but if you are not able to reproduce the 4th point, let me know. I can re-submit the video.

@arcana Any update on this?

Thanks for testing out the Arcana platform Abhinav! Unfortunately the underlying cause is the same as that of your earlier reported issue - When I try to upload a file where user limit = 3 mb and file > 3mb then refresh the page in the middle the file gets uploaded and therefore cannot be rewarded. Fixing the earlier reported issue should fix this as well.