[UI Bug] Testnet page doesn't have a CTA to login

What the title says
There’s no CTA to login on the testnet - https://testnet.arcana.network/

Feel free to classify accordingly if this is not a bug

Thanks for the feedback giri! There is a clickable card under the “Get Started” section which takes you to the login page for the developer dashboard - “Get Started with our SDK”.

Please let us know if you were referring to something else or if we need to try to make things a bit clearer!

Also, just FYI, this does not count as a bug and is not eligible for a bounty. Please read the scope of the bounty here - https://testnet.arcana.network/

Thanks for responding, I’m referring to two improvements:

  • Build DApps is a secondary CTA, while Hunt bugs seems to be the primary CTA - Is this intentional?
  • Build DApps takes me to the section where there is no CTA. At this point I’m lost. The section you are referring to, i.e Get Started - was completely missed by me as I clicked both the CTAs which took me nowhere.

This is surely a usability fix you can work on. I agree its not a bug.

I’m not allowed to post more bugs :sweat_smile:
Please fix this, as It might impede other users (and myself) who want to provide feedback :slight_smile:

Increased the limit. Should be fine now. Can you please try again?

Thank you for such incisive feedback! We’re updating the testnet website based on these two points and will update here when the changes are deployed.

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