UI Feedback + Bug - Choosing Chain type

Switches are used when mutiple options are allowed.
Here the behaviour was weird when turning on the second switch turned off the first switch.
A radio button would be a better option here.

This was a weird onboarding

Also, after I initially configure the app, when I reconfigure it this happen - Check video for explaination

Thanks girl for the find! Chain type is not mandatory and can in fact be none. However, your point is valid that it can be radio buttons here to make it clearer. We will be making that change for better clarity.

To your second point of chain type not being saved on reconfiguration - that is definitely a UI bug and we will get on it! Will update this thread once this issue has been fixed. In the mean time you will be rewarded a bounty under UI category! Thanks again for the great feedback!

This issue has been fixed and deployed to production.