Unable to type name of App in Configure section

Description of the bug: Unable to ENTER APP NAME in configure section. Without this you cannot complete the configure section and unable to see dashboard.

Category/Feature it belongs to: Backend/ Medium

Detailed Steps to Reproduce: Go to Developer Dashboard | Arcana Network and there I was not able to enter the app name.

Browser Version: Chrome 95 on macOS

Supporting Material (Screenshot/Video/Logs):

Thanks Abhinav for testing this out! Can you please try entering the App name in the text field on the right? It is a mandatory field that is why you will not be able to save the configuration until that value is filled. Please let us know if you are not able to enter it there either then there may be a bug.

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The color of input is dark. I didn’t notice it for the first time. I suggest adjusting the color lightly.

Noted! Will get this changed. Thanks for the feedback.

@arcana yes because of the colour, I was not able to see the typing section. It would be better if there is a placeholder like a hint.
Will this receive a bounty under UI?