When I try to upload a file where user limit = 3 mb and file > 3mb then refresh the page in the middle the file gets uploaded

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The user limit was 3 MB. I tried to upload a file = 223 mb. While the screen was showing uploading then I reloaded the page and the file was showing uploaded, which is wrong.

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Note that this bug is quite severe. It seems that when the file is uploading and something happens in the middle then the partial file is uploaded in the network. It’s not transactional and not ideal.
This is a huge bug which should be resolved.

Excellent find again Abhinav! This is indeed a bug and we are working on it. Will update this thread once this issue has been fixed. This bug has been classified as a High severity bug and you will be rewarded. Please check DMs regarding prize money, rewards will be processed soon! :partying_face: